Dr.jart BB Cream

Dr Jart+ Spree

$30 for dr jart+ black label bb cream and dr jart+ silver label bb cream.

As usual, returning customer can get to enjoy 10% discount($27) and first time customer are entitled to 5% discount($28.50).
Prices are inclusive of local normal delivery. Please top up $2.50 for registered mail. There will be free registered mail for orders above $75.00

The spree will be open for 1 month ,thus last date for payment will be 1st September. The stock will arrive on 8th to 10th September. We will inform you before we mail out your orders.

PLease visit drjart website for more product information.

Dr Jart Black label BB Cream
- http://www.drjartus.com/site/product.php?productid=16169&cat=251&page=1/

Dr Jart Silver label BB Cream
- http://www.drjartus.com/site/product.php?productid=16171&cat=251&page=1/

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Dr Jart Silver Label Rejuvenation BB Cream


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